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A bookshelf collapsed on top of Yun Ho, resulting in a scar on his forehead.Had to had operation on his neck due to a major infection.They thought Yunho and Yoona are suitable together, even though Yoona is younger than him.Yunho is one of the most awaited guests to make a comeback in members confused as they were supposed to identify the guests, namely Yunho and Changmin, among the 150 people in phantom masks.SNSD Yoona Yoona and Yunho’s affection was even caught with fans when they were in the same car, heading to an SM Workshop in Jeju, 2017.They were also captured together at Kansai Airport after the SM Town Osaka in July 2017.TVXQ holds 2 Guinness World Records: For having the largest official fan club as of 2008 and for being the most photographed celebrity in the world (estimated around 200 million official photographs (album jackets, magazines, advertisements etc.) including all 5 member individual & group shots) as of 2009.Spent a period of time being homeless when he was living in Seoul alone.

There were twofold responses to this, with one group of fans bashing them for being together, and another group of fans who really want it to be real!Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code. Yunho is also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho in South Korea or just Yunho in Japan.They met in 2011 when they were using the same training facility.Park Soo-jin and Yunho used to talk on the phone a lot and have dinners together.

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