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" Jones, 49, added that she was joking about the "wild animal" comment, but admitted she truly was scared an argument could turn physical."I did know a little bit of her history," Jones said, referencing some of the temper Leakes displayed on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." "I had a little bit of a dossier on everyone," she explained."I knew that she had been violent and volatile in the past, and so I just wasn't going to be in that situation because it really could've escalated into something that became dangerous." "And I'm gonna be very clear clear: That was TV," she added.

The po-po would've been called if she touched me, because I don't play that." When De Generes asked Jones how her relationship with Leakes is now that filming (aside from the finale) is over, she let out a little laugh."Well, the lawyer in me would say we were not friends before, we clearly were not friends during and we are not friends after," Jones said.

Nobody is gonna drive a wedge between us based off this OLD info!

All these girls was kicking it wit Marlo when she and i wasn’t friends.

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