Workplace dating waiver

A deposit is required with all civil processes except for Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment with a dating relationship, which are exempt from fees.

Payment may be made cashier's check, money order or law firm check or debit card in person.

A deposit of .00 per person being served on Injunctions Against Harassments or Injunctions Against Workplace Harassments without a Waiver or Deferral.

A deposit of 0.00, one set of original paperwork, a set for each person being served, and an extra set is required on all writs: Extra charges may apply concerning multiple services.

Follow the four steps in order to have an Injunction Against Harassment processed for service.

Deposits are accepted by in-state personal, cashiers or business check, money order, or debit card. In-state personal checks will be accepted with proper identification.

Any writ that will result in a sale, will require language, from the court directing the disposition of any excess proceeds resulting from the sale.

Tax payments may be made in person or by mail to: Pima County Treasurer's Office240 N. If the total amount due is 0.00 or less, the entire amount is due on October 1st, and is delinquent on November 1st at pm.Plaintiff’s information must also be completed accurately so that we may notify you of the results of our service attempts.If you wish to have papers served, bring an original set of all papers you received at court to the Civil Unit customer service counter. For detailed instructions on what papers are required for different types of service, please call the Civil Unit at (520)351-6000.Writs require a deposit of 0 and other processes require a deposit of 0 per service.A deposit of .00 per person being served on Injunctions Against Harassment or Injunctions Against Workplace Harassment without a Waiver or Deferral from a Arizona Superior Court.

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