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Mary, a 32-year-old straight female, summed up her Brooklyn dating experiences thus: “[It] was bad enough that I gave up on it entirely, and haven’t looked back.” Should we just skip town and cast our nets in a different pond?

And is it as beautiful and romantic as the Brooklyn Bridge, or does it suck as much as seven years of suspended L Train service?In a borough of 2.5 million people, you’d think the chance of finding love would be even greater.But let’s break it down: of those 2.5 people, 52.6 percent of the population is female, versus 47.4 percent male, according to a 2014 census.Cowards are not just those afraid to take dating risks or make a move (though that’s certainly part of the problem).No, the true cowards are the ghosters, the people who drop the person they’re dating after several dates or even several months with no explanation.

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