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With seven women left and three to send packing before hometowns, Arie decides to switch the format up: Instead of a couple of dates followed by a rose ceremony, this week is — three one-on-ones and one group date — with roses up for grabs on each outing.

Becca was the very first contestant to score a one-on-one this season, which means we haven’t seen too much of her since then — but still, she remains one of the most likable, and her connection with Arie seems the most natural.

Jason and Molly are now married and have a child together, but that doesn't make their sketchy beginning as a couple any better.

Legend has prompted men to get involved in women's rights.

Bon Iver created the 2 Abillion campaign for gender equality.

" It helps that the two both live in Nashville, where they've been spending time with Bass' three sons since the show wrapped.

Two months after the 2016 Bachelor in Paradise finale, Morris and Kemp were living together in San Francisco and looking forward to planning their wedding.

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