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His mother was of Irish and English descent and his father was of Scottish and Irish descent.He had four siblings: his sister Lesley, and three brothers, Barry and fraternal twins Robin and Maurice.The group was managed by Andy's mother, Barbara, and had regular bookings on the small island's hotel circuit.Gibb's first recording, in August 1973, was a Maurice Gibb composition, "My Father Was a Rebel", which Maurice also produced and played on. Another track on the session performed by him was "Windows of My World" co-written by him with Maurice.What may have detracted from the "training ground" aspect of Australia for Andy compared to his brothers was that Andy was relatively independent financially, mainly because of his brothers' support and their largesse; hence, the group's sporadic work rate.Andy would disappear for periods of time, leaving Alderson and Stringer out of work with no income.Zenta would appear later as a backing band for Gibb, but did not participate on Gibb's recording sessions around 1975, which featured Australian jazz fusion group Crossfire.

Gibb later joined the band Zenta, consisting of Gibb on vocals, Rick Alford on guitar, Paddy Lelliot on bass, Glen Greenhalgh on vocals, and Trevor Norton on drums.

He'd wander back home around lunchtime smelling of horse manure, yet he'd swear he had been at school. "Andy was always around – he was this cheeky little lad, Hugh and Barbara doted on him, so he would have a limo to go around London with his pals and twenty quid to go to the cinema. But he was just a cheeky little lad with a heart of gold.

He used to try to get me to buy him beer when he was underage – he would only have been about 11 or 12.

Gibb's success was brief due to drug addiction and depression.

He died five days after his 30th birthday while attempting a comeback.

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Andrew Roy Gibb was born on 5 March 1958 in Manchester, England.

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