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With my first pregnancy I was able to to take the time I needed when I was exhausted or needed a break and this time its just not really possible. water lipgloss chocolate wipes yoga What are your favorite maternity jeans?Citizens of Humanity​.​ What’s your go-to maternity look when you need to get dressed up to go out at night?So I guess the con for me sometimes is that it’s nerve-racking to have to be the one to initiate every single time (and yes, I understand that’s how many men often feel).

So I’ll tag that as another pro—that she hasn’t left the online dating space and instead wants to ‘reinvent it.’ Con: In theory I like the idea that women get to make the first move (evening the playing field and all that), but as my bio on the app says: I can’t tell if this app gives me all of the power or all of the pressure.

As a working / busy mom, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy?

​Since​ I have a toddler this time, finding the time to rest and relax has been difficult.

I might allow myself a few more sweets than I normally would, but hey- I deserve it! Normally I’m more concerned about how my outfit looks but when pregnant, being comfortable is my number one priority.

Does your maternity style change much from how you usually dress? What are the items that stylishly carry your through your pregnancy? ​L​ike I said, shoes and jackets are your best friend when pregnant because they will always fit and work through your whole pregnancy.

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Now with a little boy on the way, we checked back in with Praver to learn her style & beauty secrets and find out how her pregnancy is different the second time around. How was your first delivery and are you planning anything different this time?

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