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I love Dan, he's been part of my life for years now even though he doesn't know I exist. I always think "What would Dan do" and then usually do the opposite.

I am so goddamn happy that he's found the one for him and gets to spend his life with her.

*shows footage of the kiss* from that episode, but unfortunately, I don't keep raw video files, so THIS GAY KISS!

*shows footage of kiss* is going to be there forever. *shows footage of kiss* Right, that's people dragged into the 21st century and the comments section annihilated...

His more recent videos, since a hiatus in summer 2017, have been largely very unique takes on his standard formula, ranging from a video entirely devoted to Dan watching VR pornography that's only focused on his face to uploading an entire second "season" of his Planet Coaster series in one day, Netflix-style.Dan is a very private person, and rarely shares much about his life on the internet.He has said on a few occasions that we know the character 'Nerd Cubed' but not the person.Steve frequently shows up in Dan's videos (mainly Nerd³ Battles - previously Father and Son Days), however, his mother and sister rarely do.His mother previously appeared on the video, "Nerd³'s Mother and Son-Days - GTA Online" which is the first, and last episode of the Mother and Son-Days series.

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During this time, no scheduled videos will be published to the channel, but Twitch streams will still occur when appropriate.

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