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When Encounter was performed in the 1990s, Torvill wore a dress designed to look identical to the original, while Dean now wore shirt and trousers to match the colour of Torvill's outfit exactly.

This dance was devised as part of their first World Tour, and formed their number in the Planet Suite, with various members of the Company performing the other planet pieces and the whole company performing Jupiter.

She became hooked on ice skating at the age of 8 following an after-school trip to the local ice rink.

In 1971 at age 14 Torvill became the British National Pairs Champion with her then-partner Michael Hutchenson.

After parting from Hutchenson, Torvill continued to skate on her own for a while before teaming up with Dean in 1975.

On placing 5th in the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, New York, Dean gave up his job as a policeman and Torvill gave up hers as an insurance clerk to skate together full-time.

Chris was in fact concealed within the cloak, lifting Jayne throughout the opening sequence, to then be revealed as the dance begins.

Encounter runs at over six minutes and was for Torvill and Dean their most enduring professional performance, winning them the World Professional Championships in 1984 and known to be used as performance piece until 1987.

They resurrected the piece in 1994 to win at the World Team Championships.

Jayne Torvill, OBE (born 7 October 1957) is an English ice dancer.

With Christopher Dean, she won a gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics and a bronze medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics, becoming one of the oldest figure skating Olympic medalists.

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