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Since it’s been canceled, there’s just more and more people that think that it’s actually a Netflix show because that’s the way they were first introduced to it and were able to binge it. It definitely lends itself to that because there’s an element of millennial science fiction to it.

I feel like people who stream shows lean into that genre of entertainment.

which premieres tonight, with original cast members Candice Bergen (Murphy), Faith Ford (Corky Sherwood), Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana) and Grant Saud (Miles Silverberg).

If I had started watching the original the night before the taping, I would’ve freaked out.Avery shares his mother’s competitive spirit and quick wit and is following in her journalistic footsteps.He takes a new job at the conservative Wolf Network and the timeslot for his program pits him exactly opposite his mother’s new cable show “Avery has had Murphy as his mother, and he’s also had this surrogate family with Corky, Frank and Miles teaching him everything he knows about journalistic integrity and also learning what it’s like to be the son of someone who is a celebrity,” Mc Dorman says.“He’s finally at the age where he’s got an opportunity to put all those lessons into practice, albeit on this competing, more conservative network, so putting them into practice when they’re under attack, to put them to the test in a time where journalism is under siege is a really, really interesting thing.So, for him to kind of maintain his ethos on a network where he’s the liberal voice is going to be really interesting to play.”How is your chemistry with Candice?

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