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Daron’s newfound Super Playa act is especially hard to swallow. 112 is like good chili: separately, the ingredients are fair to decent, but combine those same ingredients and you’ll be truly satisfied.But don’t lose heart, 112 fans – there are rumors of a reunion.By 1998, even though Bad Boy Records had lost Biggie, they were still the hottest label in urban music.It was then when 112 released the second album in their holy R&B trinity, Room 112.Sometime after release of this album and the promotion of their next one, Q Parker started frequenting the campus of the University of Alabama, the alma mater of the wifey.Just think – if those two hooked up, he’d probably be writing this right now, and I’d be doing…whatever it is he does these days. Bad Boy’s gravy train was starting to run out of steam by the turn of the millennium, but 112’s third album, Part III, provided one last burst of energy.And the group’s first three albums are, in my opinion, the best consecutively released R&B albums in the past 15 years.I can’t recall any other group or solo artist who had three back-to-back-to-back mind-blowing releases.

Surprisingly, (or not surprisingly, if you know me), that was probably my least favorite cut on the album.“U Already Know” was a minor hit and “What If” helped push the album to platinum status.By 2007, rumors of strife began to arise (about money, of course) and all four members began to discuss solo projects.For years, Javacia’s almost-babydaddy Q has bragged about dropping an album but I guess he has been too busy hanging out on college campuses to actually release it. Same goes for Daron, who has stepped from behind the producer’s booth to record a few songs of his own.Check them out but I’ll warn you, their solo efforts aren’t as strong as Mike and Slim’s.

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The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – Puffy was dominating the musical landscape and 112 had an unstoppable juggernaut (word to the X-Men) in their corner. Singles like “Cupid,” “Only You” and its remix are still fondly remembered, thanks to lines like this, from the Notorious B. G.: Those singles are certainly memorable but the album cuts were even better – “Pleasure & Pain,” “Can I Touch You,” “Throw It All Away,” “In Love With You,” all classics in their own right.

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