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What other evidence is there to support such a conclusion, apart from the fact that it answers our questions so neatly?

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The Babylonian king of 605 - 562 BCE was in fact called nabu-kuddurri-usur which should be transliterated into Hebrew script as Neuchadezzar (as it is in eg. The change of that one letter gives this name the same numerical value in Hebrew (which had no separate numbers and so used letters to represent numbers) as the name Antiochus Epiphanes.

This is too coincidental to be accidental and too contrived to be miraculous.

If the author had been accepted to be a sixth century Jew of the Exile his work would have pre-dated Ezra and Nehemiah and would certainly have been considered authoritative enough to group it with the other prophets.

What explanation could make sense of these inconsistencies?

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