Warren sapp dating milan

Milan from BET's "College Hill" is getting play from all the ballers. And it's funny that mostly all men in Europe dress like that but there are more gay men in the USA than in the entire CONTINENT of Europe! Didn't calling ppl gay lose it's cache in Jr' High? i don't kno who the other chick is, i stopped watching black exploitation television (BET) years ago..NBA baller Kevin Durant expressed his love interest via twitter asking his fans to tell ya girl to get at him. naomi should really consider going bald, she could really pull it off...anything is better than them dead animals she's been wearing on her head lately. In reference to LSU gyrl's friend, I think your homie and her ex both have a lack of emotional maturity.I’m Egyptian/Ethiopian-Eritrean 3 beautiful blends of Mother Africa and we are very beautiful women..i think when your ugly on the inside your automatically ugly on the outside .needs to change her attitude that’s why nobody in the house really likes her because her attitude sucks..nelly: i’m glad Naomi is with this guy he seems like he really loves her .we all know black men don’t like her she isn’t light enough and they’ll hold her weave against her while excepting white woman’s fake hair weaves fake butt implants fake lips fake orange skin color fake noses among other things.I wish your friend all the best, though, we are all human and all allowed to make mistakes, even when we try our hardest not to. Milan is one of those girls who is ONLY club pretty!

Densie: Naomie Campbell only goes out with very rich guys…I think she is spiritaully empty! Al of the guys who alledgedly like her has a wife or gf and they are looking for a jumpoff bcuz thats what she is.

Ya'll saw her b*tch and complain when it started raining on the show..knew was gonna look a mess!!! ] i see milan hookin up wit a baller and she becomes famous and forgets about ur ass... I honestly dont consider it hating.you are stating your opinion.. its obvious she has just as much fans as she does haters! I'm not hating on Milan-but she's no celebrity boo, & trust we will not hear of Milan after College Hill is over..nationally atleast, maybe in FL showing up at clubs....she's a cute girl, but ummm yeah that's it *JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT* I always watch the show and Tiffany boyfriend came on the show and he call.

If you think Milan is a gold digger.its your opinion... do u think celebs really read and reply to this shit? you ppl are talking to other bloggers and i’m so sick of reading all the hate mails! whoever your talking bout what we have in common is that we are real and we do NOT have time to hate. If Warren Sapp is/was Milan boyfriend how come he never came on the show,.never called the show and she never showed no pictures of them on the show.

I have never heard Rashard Lewis talk about her because he is married or Kevin Durant because he openly express his love for his girlfriend.

She says Warren Sapp from DWTS is her ex, but who has proof of this nobody, thats all she talks about but I never heard him say that...

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