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MG: You know, I think families are not so simple: You can’t just hate someone for doing bad things, or for being bad.

Perhaps this is just not limited to Japanese families; you can’t just go ahead and hate people.

The Lady Miz Diva: I understand that you made DEMOLITION GIRL as a response to a feeling of depression particularly amongst teenagers in Japan, currently.

I’m curious what it was in your consciousness that sparked the idea to tell a story about a young woman fighting on and never giving up through film?

What was the idea around creating that support net?So, I had that in the forefront of my mind when I was writing this.But I do believe that in Japanese schools, if this were to really happen, that this is actually the way they would treat a student.Personally, myself, I have been helped by my friends, so I was bringing that experience into it.I think especially during your adolescence, more so than the adults, or other parents, or teachers around us, at least in my experience, friends were very important in my adolescent youth.

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And as I got older, things may change a little bit, but I wanted to depict Cocoa in this way, to have friends who were helping her.

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