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On its website, Verizon describes the plan like so: This is the “simplified” plan structure Verizon rolled out in August, 2015.(We have been Verizon customers for ten years, but we were off-contract for several months at the time of our last phone/plan upgrade in Nov.Verizon provides an overview of billing, and how it’s apportioned to each line, up front, along with a description of the subscription plan.

If they want everyone on LTE, which most customers are at this point, then not allowing additional 3G devices to be activated is probably the right move.

We have a shared family plan with two smartphones on it — a pretty common scenario, especially for couples without kids or with kids too young to need or want a phone of their own — for the nominal rate of per month. That means that of the total monthly bill, just over — or 64% — is actually some kind of additional cost, charge, tax, or fee. To that end, we’ve done some cropping and re-aligning to make the relevant parts easier to read and discuss, and we’ve had to break it all down into multiple images.

Aside from redacting personal or identifying information, however, the bill’s actual content remains unchanged.

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Verizon said only that 3G phones were no longer supported to us.

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