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A grade of “pass” in a “pass/not pass” will also count.

However, the UW recommends that CADR courses be completed with a letter or numerical grade. citizens, permanent residents, refugees or undocumented students whose first language is not English or who attended school in a non-English speaking country.

Additionally, there are several adjunct medical anthropologists in other units at the University of Washington (Nora Kenworthy, Ali Murat Maga, and Joanna Crane).

The Departments of Epidemiology and Health Services are top ranked in the nation, and the new Department of Global Health has gained a reputation as especially distinct and innovative.

Professional training in both public health and anthropology is viewed as one small but crucial step toward this goal.

The concurrent degree program is designed to prepare professionals who will function in multidisciplinary health settings in the areas of teaching, research, administration, planning, and policy development and implementation.

Students admitted into the concurrent degree program will be those who have identified a strong commitment to devoting their careers to innovative approaches to solving the world’s most pressing global health issues.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to check the deadlines for the MPH and Ph D applications as they will not necessarily be the same.

Global health by definition involves cross-cultural initiatives that greatly benefit from anthropological expertise.

Training in medical anthropology, evolutionary medicine, and biological approaches to health have become more relevant and valued as with the emergence of global health in recent years.

The Handbook (also available as a PDF document) is supported by an online toolkit of sample materials and additional resources for search committees and unit leaders.

Individual units will necessarily tailor the Handbook’s suggestions to their specific needs, and units should develop conventions and tools relevant to their particular disciplines and to their particular profiles in relation to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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Another broad goal is to encourage units to work closely with university allies to coordinate hiring and retention efforts across boundaries of departments, schools, colleges, and campuses.

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