Updating your will

Property such as retirement proceeds, life insurance proceeds, joint bank accounts, payable-on-death bank accounts, and stocks registered with a transfer-on-death form all pass directly to a specified beneficiary.If you change your mind about who the beneficiary should be, change the names using the forms on which you named the original beneficiaries.After completing a simple questionnaire asking for your name and address, Executor designation, and how you’d like to distribute your estate, the site automatically inputs your information into a standard Will document.

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They can cause confusion, be lost, and are sometimes even a means to challenge wills.

Changes to other estate documents Much of your property passes by law to beneficiaries, despite what your will says.

It is important to take the initial step of beginning a draft, but it is also important to recognize that you may need to update your Will one or more times throughout your life.

You can use Do Your Own to update your Will if it was completed on our site or elsewhere.

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