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“I see parent keys that all seem to be Norton/Symantec product keys,” said someone identified as “gfrost.” “This appears to be a Symantec-related problem according to the keys showing up,” said another user, “datarimlens.” “Is anyone from Symantec on this yet? “While we’re seeing that this issue affect Norton users, we don’t believe we’re the root cause,” said Sondra Magness, a Symantec spokeswoman, in an e-mail.Since SP3 has been distributed to at least one of my machines, am I to believe that this problem did not show up in testing? “In further searches on this issue, we found a number of users experiencing the problem but who do not have Norton software and/or are experiencing the issue on XP SP2.” In a follow-up telephone conversation, Dave Cole, Symantec’s senior director for product management of its consumer offerings, acknowledged that users running Norton titles were experiencing problems, but he said the numbers are small.

I have three adapters that used to show up,” said someone using “MRFREEZE61” as an alias on Microsoft’s XP SP3 support forum on May 7."The support lines are not ringing off the hook," he said.Cole also said that Symantec had done "extensive testing" of its products with Windows XP SP3, but this issue hadn't surfaced.Those entries, said MRFREEEZE61, began with the characters “$%&”; once they were removed, the PC returned to normal. ” “I upgraded three well-maintained laptop machines, one with NIS2008 [Norton Internet Security 2008] installed and running during the upgrade, one with NIS2008 installed but shut down during installation and one without NIS2008 installed,” said “bighowie,” yet another user posting to the forum.Others chimed in to claim that the errant keys were located in sections of the registry devoted to settings for Symantec products, and they pinned blame on the security company’s consumer-grade software installed on their PCs. “As you guessed, the one without NIS2008 upgraded like a charm. The other two have the same mess as identified by all in this thread.” Today, Symantec said its initial investigation had uncovered no cause and effect between its software and the corrupted registry keys, which in some cases numbered in the thousands.

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“This is related to XP SP3,” he said, “and XP SP3 has already had other issues specific to some OEMs and some processors.” Cole was referring to the “endless reboot” snafu that users began reporting after applying the service pack upgrade.

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