Updating a row in sql

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Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | name | family | phone | email | gender | phone2 | address | birthdate | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- in table #1 columns address and phone2 is empty and columns gender and birthdate values is same as table #2.

Line 8: If I had defined TESTFILE without the user open the file would have been opened at program initialization, and the Copy File command would have failed.

By using the user open in the file's definition the file remains close until I open it. Line 9: This operation shows that I don't have to use a variable for the key field. Lines 10 – 17: My Do loop to read all of the records in the file.

First I need a file, as this is for example purposes it very simple, just two fields and one key field: What I want to do is to read/fetch all the records where the key field is equal to '1' and change the value of the second field to 'A'.

I am sure we all could write a simple program to do this in RPG using its native database access.

Line 11: I can also use a string for the key when using the built in function.

Line 6 – 11: Here I declare/define the cursor I will be using to fetch rows (records) from the file.

One question I have been asked by several people is how to update a row from a file that had been previously Fetched, just like READ and UPDATE using RPG's native database access.

I thought it would be useful to show examples using both RPG native database access and SQL.

QCMDEXC('CPYF FROMFILE(TESTFSAVE) TOFILE(TESTFILE) MBROPT(*REPLACE)') ; 06 exec sql DECLARE C0 CURSOR FOR 07 SELECT * 08 FROM TESTFILE 09 WHERE FKEY = '1' 10 ORDER BY FKEY, FFIELD 11 FOR UPDATE ; 12 exec sql OPEN C0 ; 13 dow (1 = 1) ; 14 exec sql FETCH C0 INTO : Data DS ; 15 if (SQLCOD Lines 2 - 3: I know in this example my file only has two fields, but I like to code my examples to cover more complex scenarios.

With this in mind I have coded a data structure to be like my file TESTFILE.

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