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These relationships allow you to have everything he/she wants from you, both physically and emotionally, but sailing with flag “we’re just friends”.In both cases the fundamental problem is that your friend in the relationship is absolutely getting everything he/she wants, while the other wants more but no way to get it.If we believe that others are attracted to us, we will adopt behaviors that end up turning this into reality If you’ve done it, we put an example. Ana is deeply attracted to John, and subtly projects these feelings to him.She has more intimate conversations and starts being more affectionate.

Avoiding her at times will make your friend miss you and this really helps to turn friendship into love.

This lack of interest is not a problem for the love, because of your strong feelings, often overtime the sexual and loving interest of your friend might develop for you.

The funny thing is the effect it has on the desired friend will begin to adopt behavior to match the interest aroused in love.

But as you lose nothing by trying, We leave you these tips that you can try to turn friendship into love.

The important thing is not to lose a friendship in the process, so you must be careful not to make your friend feel uncomfortable.

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