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This type of schedule is even tougher for the trucker who’s starting, or looking to start, a new relationship.So, when talking about trucker dating, how can you maintain an over the road relationship?Be honest and trustworthy, and your significant other will do the same.As a truck driver, the prospect of dating can be daunting.Travel schedule, time away from home, long hours during the day and sleeping at truck stops can make things tough for any relationship.

Maybe it’s a romantic restaurant that you both love, a nice hike in a local park to relax and unwind, or maybe a fun night at a local music event.

Her cellphone also had been powered off, she told police.

The woman turned her phone back on and called her sister to report what had happened, and then grabbed Green’s keys and threw them before trying to get away, according to her statements to police.

Green grabbed her, but she ended up escaping and started running down the streets screaming that she’d been raped and needed help, authorities say.

Green, who apparently had an extra key, took off, she said.

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No matter what the plans are, put some thought into making it special, and it will make the time pass more quickly until you’re together.

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