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This has helped Bumble to develop a very distinct look and feel in its community of dating singles.The truly clueless tend to drop off the map and the site maintains a much higher level of perceived classiness than Tinder.Start rejecting people and you’ll get more matches.

The basic idea of these apps is simple: all the profiles of people in your area who are in your age range (and vice-versa) are shown to you in a “card stack”, a sequential stream of pictures and text highlighting each person for your approval.

If you swipe right on one another, it’s a match, and you have the chance to chat, and even meet in real life, to see if that initial spark of interest turns into some real chemistry.

Also see our article How To Know When You Get a Match on Bumble Bumble’s take on this now-standard way to date is basically just a clone of Tinder, but with one important exception: on Bumble, women have to initiate the conversation once a match is made between heterosexual couples. Because of social norms and cultural expectations, on most dating sites it is men who approach women first.

Many Bumble users decide that they want someone who is 40 to 45 and who lives two miles away or less.

In a huge city, that’s not necessarily a problem, but if you live in Iowa you’re cutting your dating pool by an enormous factor.

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