Tired of dating duds

Having not met these men and gone on these dates, I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today.

They are helping me understand more of my likes and dislikes, and, even though I have spent countless nights crying — because I blame my body, personality, you name it — I am beginning to understand that those men are not the right people for me.

I’ve had small successes with men, where the “What are we?

As I swipe (and swipe and swipe) I think of how some girls are always meeting great guys off these apps, so my time must be coming.

After first dates, I assume the reason why they don’t want to see me again is something to do with my looks.

Sometimes I’ll even think I must absolutely smell and no one, not even my best friends, can tell me how terrible it is.

I've gotten to the make or break portion a few times and it really irks me that these guys who are overweight, select "excessive overweight" as one of their breaks. I realize that excessive overweight is different than just kinda overweight but I still think that if you're overweight at all, that should not be one of your deal breakers.

A dud is an ammunition round or explosive that fails to fire or detonate, respectively, on time or on command.

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It seems as though a relatable character on the show will be sad and single for two episodes, then downloads an app, swipes a few times, and by the next episode, she’s in a relationship and madly in love. After going on a date that I thought went extremely well, I usually send a text when I get home, saying that I had a lot of fun.

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