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[Read: Revealing questions to get to know someone you are interested in]Everyone’s dating preferences differ.Some people like a laidback first date while others prefer dirt biking or an escape room.If your date says they live with their parents, do not write them off just yet.They could have moved home to help their parents out.If you go to an escape room or bowling, you are sort of stuck into an allotted amount of time. You want to be positive, but you never know, so be safe. Giving someone your address before you meet, probably not too smart.#3 Have a back-up plan.[Read: Your guide to timing a first date right]#2 Meet there. I know I just said to go in with a positive frame of mind, but you also have to be prepared for anything.Don’t assume you know everything about this person.

[Read: 20 ways to completely perfect your first date conversation] #10 Keep an open mind.But, from my experiences, these tips for a first date after meeting online will keep you calm, cool, and collected.If that feels like too much pressure on the conversation, head to a bar that has darts or board games so you have something fun to lean on during lulls.It may be easy to let go of the fact that your coworker has differing political views or your brother-in-law still listens to Drake, but try to be open-minded.Sure, you have your limits and dealbreakers, but try to get the whole story.

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