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And, of course, the stars have all grown up since then — heck, even little Nicky and Alex are in their twenties (feeling old yet? Though Uncle Jesse is now 51, his hair remains full and flawless and your dreams of marrying him — or plenty of other Stamos is one of the hottest 51-year-olds out there (he certainly has the best hair of all of them), and is currently available.

She opens up a little fro-yo joint, which turns into a second shop, which turns into a mini-chain, which subsequently becomes super successful, making her super rich.

Uncle Jesse's other onscreen son appears to be in a relationship — at least he took a pretty gal to the Emmys back in August.

, will start off as a one-hour reunion special and then segue into a spinoff series. As some of the biggest board game), we've spent a lot of time thinking about what a reunion show might look like. goes to Berkeley and experiments with a hippie phase. Steve finds love after the breakup, and since his marketable skills are basically nonexistant (besides eating), he decides to start a parenting blog.5.

While everyone hoped Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky would live happily ever after in real life too, Loughlin is actually married to a fashion designer named Mossimo Giaunnulli — better known as the creator of the Mossimo clothing line.

They tied the knot in 1997 and have two daughters together. She even has Uncle Joey to thank for setting her up with hockey player Valeri Bure.

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