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This person was a musician Keith Waa, and he married Cyrinda, when she was at final stages of her cancer.Their wedding, held by Kathy Freston, was not official, but quite spiritual.Keith and Cyrinda were married one month only before her tragic death in September, 2002.Date of birth: March 21, 1960 Teresa Barrick is a very beautiful woman and mother of two sweet kids.Nevertheless, she loved her so much and missed her.Born Kathleen Victoria Hetzekianspent spent her early years in Santa Monica, CA.Date of birth: February 22, 1952 Date of death: September 7, 2002 The beautiful blonde, who died at a comparatively young age, had a complicated life, full off disasters, drug problems and illnesses.As her daughter Mia Tyler told in her interview to Oprah Winfrey, her mother Cyrinda had a dark energy.

She was the fan of the cult band Rolling Stones, and that’s why agreed to become the member of the rock band “New York Dolls”, which used Rolling Stones as their model.

By the way, in spite of her young age Aimee had already been married and divorced with a talent manager Scott Schachter.

Her boyfriend Steven Tyler had already gone down the aisles several times too.

The event benefited Janie’s Fund, a children’s charity founded by Tyler to bring “hope and healing” to girls who have been traumatized by abuse or neglect.

In a gray-and-white patterned suit accessorized with plenty of bling, the Aerosmith singer shared a sweet kiss with Preston, who sparkled in silver sequins and capped off her princess vibes with a side braid.

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