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Under normal circumstances, your phone number is shown every time you send out a text message.

However, there are ways to hide your mobile number.

In most jurisdictions, you can hide your caller ID if you preface your call with *67.

This does not work with SMS, but there are ways to take advantage of anonymous texting.

Sprint offers chat communities such as Sports, World Chat, dating services and more.

To access, customers should go to the Web on their Sprint PCS Vision or Sprint Power Vision phone, select Messaging, then Chat & Dating, then select a service. Instant Messaging: Select Sprint phones offer quick access to customers’ favorite instant-messaging services from AOL, MSN and Yahoo!

Text to Landline lets customers send text messages to any landline phone in the United States, where they will then be converted to a voice message for the recipient.

To use, customers simply enter a 10-digit landline phone number and type a message, just as they would when sending a regular text message.

While the process for anonymous texting isn't as seamless as sending a regular text message, it is similar to some services that let you send a free text message.

However, it's important to note, you'll need to know the wireless carrier of the recipient.

Sprint PCS customers are now able to purchase ringtones and cell phone wallpapers on Monster ( the company announced today.

After an October 2004 launch, Monster has quickly become one of the nation’s leading independent ringtones providers.

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