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He is even willing to face his fear of heights for one million dollars but there is one fear that he refuses to face.When asked what he would not do for a million dollars he responded, "Snakes in general, I just don’t do snakes." This young, goal-oriented man has been presented with his childhood dream of competing on his favorite reality show and truly feels that he has what it takes to become the next sole SURVIVOR . We caught up with him at the University of Florida where he answered some questions about the show.Spencer: Yeah, maybe if they thought I was caring at all. And I like to be by myself when I sleep, so she looked at that as not responding to her. Gordon: Oh, so if someone doesnt want to cuddle with Sydney then theyre automatically gay? During the challenges, even the weight-holding challenges we were like, Really? Coach would be much better, but Coach kept backing down from challenges. But, I had a really good experience. What can you tell us about Coach from your vantage point at Jalapao?At one point she asked the other guys on the tribe if they thought I was gay. Spencer: I think she was going off of how receptive JT and Joe were to her flirting and I really wasnt. Gordon: Did JT ever give you any reason to believe that your homosexuality would be a problem? I didnt bring it up because I know there is no upside. And some Southerners can be homophobic, Im not generalizing, Im Southern myself. All these things added up, and I kicked his butt in the basketball challenge. The first three days we didnt have any water or food, but I was like, Yeah! Spencer: From what I saw out there, we thought he was a bit of a wimp. I mean, Tyson is a strong guy and a great athlete but for holding weight hes very skinny.They made it look like it was because I was bad at the challenges, but there was a lot they didnt show. Gordon: When Sydney asked if there were any girls you liked, was she fishing or was she completely oblivious to your homosexuality? She was the only one who suspected anything on my tribe. Gordon: What can you tell us about Coach from your vantage point at Jalapao?

Involved in myriad athletic activities since age 7, Spencer has developed a strong competitive streak and determination to achieve success.Age:19College Sophomore Lakeland, FLTribe: Jalapao Soon to see his teenage years in the rear-view mirror, Spencer Duhm is ready to look forward to the journey ahead of him.A fan of SURVIVOR since day one, which began when he was still in grade school, Spencer can practically do a Castaway roll-call all the way from SURVIVOR: Borneo.But then they were like, Because youre going to be on this season! Spencer: (Laughs)Gordon: Does anyone on Jalapao know about the cross-tribe alliance that Brendan and Taj have been cobbling together at Exile (not an) Island? Spencer: I dont think anyone else in my tribe knows, besides obviously Stephen, it was never brought up to me.

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