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This is one of the first signs that you are "in," says Masini."Anytime a partner shows you off — to friends, at office parties or company dinners, or to parents and relatives, it's because they want approval and to show you off, as well as to integrate you into this very important part of their lives," she explains.

I've wasted so much time waiting for people to change, and here's the thing: They don't.

I've definitely been on double dates that were perhaps more out of convenience than because my date was particularly interested in dating me forever, but overall, this logic holds up.

Perhaps your partner has a lot of friends in relationships and wants to see how you fit into the mix.

"Same goes for wanting to spend holidays with you and making plans for winter or summer holidays months in advance. Did they post a picture of the two of you at a recent wedding?

[These] are all ways your partner is showing you they're serious about you."Even a simple change of birthday plans to make sure you can both have a special dinner together is a good sign. Even if it's the third scroll in their Instagram album from the weekend, "it's a sign they want other people to know that you're a serious couple," says Masini.

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