Should introverts dating extroverts

Don't feel guilty about requiring it and realize that being an introvert isn't a bad thing.Embrace yourself fully and take breaks when necessary. The outgoing nature of a socialite is the major issue an introvert-extrovert relationship has to tackle.Recognize that just because they need to be with others doesn't mean they have lost interest in you.Texting and phone calls are some of the simplest ways a couple can show their love and care.Learn and watch out for signs they aren't enjoying themselves.Better yet, have a safe word to convey they need to have some alone time.

When it happens, your efforts to rope them in some discussion yields no fruits leaving you discouraged.Sometimes, your partner will accompany you to some celebrations.When it happens, keep in mind their threshold of being in other peoples company is lower than yours.However, as an introvert, it might be irritating and what could be a loving gesture is an infuriating habit to you.Establish a parameter that you both are comfortable with to ensure that you don't ignore your partner and at the same time they won't annoy you.

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Aim to be supportive by letting your partner have their private space when they need it.

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