Short dating period before marriage

How long should a healthy relationship be before you and your significant other get married? And how can we reliably discern how long any given relationship should be?

Others say you shouldn’t rush but should take all time the you need to know you’re ready for marriage.Having a longer relationship could even reveal it really isn’t a good idea to marry the person you thought you would.Better to discover that before marrying than after.” Parents of married children in the church were familiar with this phenomenon, and laughingly referred to the first year of marriage as God’s way to sandpaper out the couple’s selfish imperfections.I would leave it to life and God to burnish our defects—instead of basking in the glow of an unrealistic courtship, only to be surprised on your honeymoon by the realization that you don’t actually know your spouse, and then counting on this stranger to turn you into the ideal mate you’re supposed to be.

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Afterward, they quickly discovered challenging issues in their marriage.

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