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BUCK-JUMPER--A horse when apeing the contortionist and vigorously leaping, from place to place at the same time.

BUTCHER BIRD--Name given the family of Australian shrikes, distinguished for their habit of hanging prey to "ripen," and for their powers of song.

The script was referred to the relevant authorities to review "by taking in consideration the multicultural fabric of the society and its perceptions," the newspaper quoted a DSC statement as saying.

ANZAC--Contraction of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

BAT--Tool used in "Two-up." BATHURST BURR--Small Australian plant; also an annoying person.

BELL-BIRD--So-called from resemblance of its notes to tinkle of bell.

APPLE TREES--Names applied to various indigenous trees.

AUSSIE--Contraction of Australia AUSTRAL THRUSH--A bird of the thrush species; found in N.

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