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Turtleback Mountain is on the East side of the Rio Grande.This distinctive peak gets its name from its tip top of rough volcanic rock resembling a great turtle.Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County War, and raids on the Chisum Ranch by the Mescalero Apaches in the 1880’s color our early history, including the alien invasion of 1947.The Town of Silver City sits atop a site that has been home to Native American, Hispanic and Anglo settlers for hundreds of years, and these vibrant cultures fill an important part of the Town’s exciting present day.There is live music at many Ruidoso venues including the renowned country western bar Win Place and Show, outdoor cafes and many Ruidoso restaurants.

The Gadsden Purchase, signed on the historic Mesilla Plaza, brought Mesilla under the protection of the United States.The first bathhouse was built in 1882 by cowbowys from the John Cross Ranch. Construction of the Elephant Butte Dam (1911-1916) brought hundreds of workers to the area.Upon completion of the dam, many settled by the hot springs, floating their small cabins down the Rio Grande from the dam site.The Ruidoso area claims two of New Mexico’s finest casinos; Inn of the Mountain Gods and Billy the Kid Casino.The Spencer Theater for the Perfoming Arts is a world class performance hall.

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