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There is even an amazing link from the sitter to the present, as the 4th Earl was the unwitting originator of perhaps the boldest, and most fascinating, series of art frauds of the the late 20C and early 21C, which took place 150 years after his death!

Unfortunately, the miniature is unsigned, but the sitter is identified on the reverse as the 4th Earl of Egremont.

For example her home at Orchard Wyndham was about 40 miles north of Silverton Park.

The unknown artist was obviously talented and the sitter was an important man, hence it cannot be dismissed as the amateur work of a family member.The present Maryland flag is based upon the yellow and black Calvert coat of arms, quartered with the red and white of Crossland, the arms of wife of an early Calvert.The colony was ruled through governors appointed by Calvert, such as Horatio Sharpe and Robert Eden.Frederick, Baron Baltimore's frequent travels made him difficult to contact and meant that Maryland was largely ruled without his input.Calvert lived a life of leisure, writing verse and regarding the Province of Maryland as little more than a source of revenue.

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He married Lady Diana Egerton, daughter of Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater, but did not get along with her and they spent most of their married life apart. Frederick moved to the continent where he remained until he died in Naples in 1771.

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