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About 1,000 of the people living here went on hunger strike recently to protest poor conditions.

Most of the people at the airport are from Afghanistan, with a few from Iran.

Recently, they have also included young men from the Middle East and South Asia.

Sami’s Bar, in the run-down Fylis Street neighborhood, has always been a place to meet young migrants.

Athens and the refugees may be stuck with each other for years.

The standard price for sex was about 10 euros, but a guide and translator who described himself as an occasional customer at the park, said that if you are willing to negotiate, and wait, you could pay as little as 2 euros.“Some of the boys are ashamed to ask for money,” he added.On a recent Saturday night, the small club was packed with young Iranians and older Greeks. Shirtless guys danced on the bar, while groups of older men settled in at booths with liquor bottles and buckets of ice. Within a few minutes, with one of the dancers acting as translator and negotiator, they settled on a price of 30 euros and left.Young men mingled with them or stood around, waiting. Despite everyday transactions like these, immigrant life in Athens is so separate from Greek life that some local residents say they're entirely unaware of venues like that.The first time Abdullah had sex for money was just two weeks after he arrived in Athens. A lot of strange people.”Some of those people were older men who would come up and start talking to him.He was living at a disused airport along with thousands of other Afghan migrants. It was then that his friends told him why they came to the park.

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One young guy, Hassan, sat with his friend against the wall, looking glum. He’d been in Greece two months after coming from Iran. “A lot of Greek gay guys have no idea this is going on,” Zak Kostopoulos, a writer and activist, said of the Sami’s scene.

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