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One girl said she was off the booze though, so we went to the Tea Garden on the Quays one evening and had a very nice time chatting, drinking tea, smoking a shisha pipe.” ‘Back to basics’ John says only a few of his friends use the app, noting: “Most of them are using it jokingly, i.e.

couples seeing who they can match with, with no intention of contacting them.” As for recommending it? Most relationships, casual or otherwise, start with a physical attraction, Tinder gives its users an easy option to people who aren’t into the pub or club scene to find people they might like to meet up with.

“Definitely” This just brings it down to the basics: ‘Do I fancy you? Lynn (26) also started using Tinder after a break-up “as a way to make myself feel better”.

Online help ranges from: – provides a range of support services online including a live chat service between 6 and 10pm daily.

My first Tinder date was on a really rainy afternoon so we popped out to the beer garden when the sun came out and whatever way the wind caught the tarpaulin above us it emptied a bath load of water all over him. “The only advice I would give is to use with caution.

There are horror stories of guys running out on the bill, asking the girl to sleep with them on the first date then storming out when rejected, people getting dropped once they have done the deed.

It was a way to date without having any pressure or hassle.” “There’s also no mutual friend or connection so there are no responsibilities or consequences if someone acts like a complete asshole.

It is based on a few filtered pictures and short dates so you can’t ever be really sure what you are getting yourself in for.

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