Seroquel too sedating for bipolar

Though obviously always better to see your own consultant - Catherine (London uk) Treatment for bipolar disorder - Bye Can I ask please, were you taking the 400/600 mg Seroquel for Schizophrenia?I have Schizophrenia and I am thinking of trying Seroquel and Abilify together but im not sure what doses to take. Based on my own experience, Seroquel and Abilify should NOT be taken together.The recommended starting dose of Seroquel for bipolar depression (in adults only) is Seroquel 50 mg, taken once daily at bedtime.Your healthcare provider will generally increase your dose quickly within a few days, up to Seroquel 300 mg, taken once daily at bedtime.I experienced side effects that were very alarming, rapid heart rate, agitation and restlessness.My doctor told me it was not a panic attack, only a side effect of hypo-mania.The doctor actually had to add 2 more medications to counteract these side effects because I was not willing to stop Abilify and risk getting back into the depression.

When I did, I didn't feel as tired as I did with only the Seroquel.I was skeptical about the match as well but there aren't any problems so far.I take Seroquel 50 mg at night and 0.5mg of Abilify at night.For bipolar mania in adults, the recommended starting dose of Seroquel is 50 mg, taken twice a day.In general, your healthcare provider will increase your dose quickly within a few days, if needed, up to Seroquel 400 mg twice daily.

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