Self esteem men dating how to write a good headline for a dating site

He stays in a relationship where the woman is taking advantage of him, she gives him crap or maybe it’s a relationship that is going nowhere, maybe it’s a relationship with a married woman.

He knows his relationship/marriage is a reflection of him and so he protects it.A man with low self esteem is not man enough to be responsible. He is scared of failure and expectations being piled on him.Some, even abandon the woman when she gets pregnant. It is always someone else at fault because he thinks mistakes make him small. A confident and mature man woos an adult woman to sex, he is secure in himself to charm her and they willingly both make passionate love. But when it comes to dating, my sense of self-worth goes off a cliff. I crush it as a friend, I’m a good listener, I’m loving, supportive and quite frankly, I’m awesome.

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