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Na kontaktoni ne chat ne dhomen #Sherbimet (Premium ose molecule) Deshironi te reklamoni ofertat e biznesit tuaj online?Netedy eshte chat pa pagese, por per disa sherbime aplikon tarifat si me poshte: Ne jemi te vetedijshem per pergjegjesine qe kemi ndaj vizitoreve tane, ata na japin mirebesimin e tyre, dhe ne nuk duhet te lejojme qe ky besim te shkelet.8 states will still be using paperless machines as primary polling place equipment in certain jurisdictions. Susan Collins sold out women when she voted for Huge victory in Georgia: Starting next year GA cannot use its vulnerable paperless voting machines and must shore up its voter registration database e-pollbooks. Smz7 DMCA them if appropriate but I urge you not to engage in the sub. 5/ Seeing renewed calls for @reddit to take down "r/illnessfakers." It's a subreddit dedicated to bullying disabled folx that the self-appointed illness-cops believe are faking their disabilities. i just keep watching the amount of money i need to survive that i don't have grow due to things just happening like my ex not having rent money on time for the first time the month before he moves out, or bills charging late fees i can't avoid, so idc but, my future is a nonthing my electric is getting cut off if i don't pay 0 by the 28th, my mom decided she won't cover the overdue 5 rent she said she'd cover that my ex won't cover, & so i still don't know if i am getting evicted or what & honestly do i care? @Sara Gideon ME--who is gaining on her to be the next Senator of Maine--came back in 2018 and shepherded not one, but two pro-choice bills through the Maine state legislature.NESE NUK E KENI KETE PROGRAM, SHKARKONI KETUPershendetje gjithve ku do qe jeni:/spo ju vjen turp bre me bo ksi gjana te tilla aspo ju vjen gjynah me ja bo ksi sende te ne vajzes se mitur ,por te ishte motra juj si dot te kishit vepru ne keto momente ju kisha lutur qe ti terhekni keto foto duheni te keni respekt nga vajzat shqiptare ok ja kaloni sa me mir Keq shum keq.

Chato u ndertua per arsye te kerkimit te vazhdueshem te bisedave dhe njohjeve online ne nje chat Shqiptar.

Hear the little pups howl: L8qf Xb7Ig This ruling builds on election security measures adopted earlier this year in Georgia after we sued the state along with @Paul Weiss LLP on behalf of @Common Cause.

Other states must take steps to protect our elections. A recently released Brennan Center study found that 16 million voters will vote on paperless equipment during the #2020Election.

tash e kuptova pas qenka nje fjal e then se njerzit po mujkan me jua kalu edhe shtazeve.

dhe mendoj se ne kete aspekt edhe ju u paskeni kalu shtazeve!

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