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Alec Trevelyan, formerly known by the code-number 006, was a fictional former intelligence operative of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6).

In 1986, Trevelyan faked his death, adopted the identity Janus, and founded a crime syndicate based in St. To date, across the James Bond franchise as a whole, there have been three individuals who have held the number 006.

Shortly afterward, however, his father committed murder-suicide; "unable to let himself or [Alec's] mother live with the shame of it". In one of life's ironies, the young Trevelyan was recruited by the British Secret Intelligence Service to be an agent of the government that had betrayed his parents.

Although MI6 was aware of his background, they had reasoned that these events had happened so early in Trevelyan's life, that he would not be affected by them.

Following the Second World War, the anti-Bolshevik Cossack brigades whom had collaborated with the Germans fled from the advance of the Red Army.

Overall, an OK movie that is helped a lot by the casting.

The British decided to forcibly repatriate them and their families to the Soviet Union, where many were promptly executed and the remainder were sent to Gulags including women and children.

The Trevelyans survived the ordeal and Alec Trevelyan was born.

The actors they picked to be the millionaires kept me watching and even though this is nothing but running around and shooting it is worth a watch.

It also may have helped that I had no expectations about it going in.

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