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The absence of tears instead would indicate that you aren't experiencing something that you find sorrowful enough. " Ryan gave her a good-bye hug, but he is not comfortable with touchy-feely embraces. From what we know, let's look at what Ryan needs in a girlfriend.Assuming that Ryan doesn't have a defective "sensitivity chip", he must just have a high threshold for what makes him sad. There is a final embrace between Belle and Ryan in the car. Here is a list of requirements:1) She has to be like one of the guys.

He talked with her about some ideas of what they might do together while she was there.It's like hanging out with one of the guys, but it's a girl, and it's my girl-friend." In other words, she's a friend that Ryan can be affectionate with and touch, but not feel awkward about it like he might be with his buddies. I feel more comfortable." That's because, despite having made new friends in the Real World house, Ryan still needed someone around that he knew he trust implicitly and who represented the kind of people he missed from back in Pennsylvania. Baya showed a excruciatingly broad smile as she ran to hug Belle and tell her how happy she was to see her.The reaction probably was a way to ease any guilt that Baya felt from even creating an impression that she had been coming on to Ryan, which he had previously accused her of.Belle and Ryan ended up going to Coney Island, with JD Ordonez acting as chaperone.In spite of any bravado about being a man of the world, Ryan still preferred to act as a gentleman with his lady.

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