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“Because Robert’s never known what it means to be happy, it’s not such a sore spot with him. He’s done the best that he can and recognizes that something is missing, but he can’t necessarily put his finger on it…

On July 16-17, 1996, Downey was arrested yet again for what has come to be known as the Goldilocks incident.

His father echoed the sentiment, telling that, “I’m glad he’s alive.” In 1993, Downey married Deborah Falconer and together they welcomed the birth of their son, Indio.

Robert Downey Jr vowed to quit drugs and literally dug a hole to bury his metaphorical destructiveness, tossing in his costume from , but by 1994, Downey had returned to liquor, cocaine and ecstasy – despite claiming he was clean.

He’s hit rock bottom, but its nothing other addicts haven’t struggled through, the main difference was he was in the spotlight.

Today Robert Downey Jr does not need identify himself by his past.

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