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All the other films discussed in the biography section are already in the credits section too. It's currently showing at film festivals and will be released in cinemas and on DVD. However, if your problem is with the use of the word "forthcoming" then feel free to remove it. Lastly, he does sing and perform but the only song available on the internet that he actually wrote himself is "Stray Dog," "I Was Broken" was written by Marcus Foster, "I'll Be Your Lover, Too" is a cover he performed of a Van Morrison song, and I've already clarified the others.

Caek (talk) , 14 September 2008 (UTC) I note you've reverted my changes. Please also remove it for Little Ashes, which similarly doesn't have a release date, and for the short film, which will not be released. If you would like to listen to the music, you can find a great streaming media player at - Kristina You're right about the soundtrack songs; I'll fix it up.

The British actor - who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the new movie Twilight and will reprise his role in its sequel, New Moon - credits the Rebel Without a Cause star after admitting he tried to model himself on him while filming the hit movie. Robert is the oldest from step sister Jessica Pattinson and Kyle Pattison.

If so then probably yes; and you may re-post his middle name in the article, after providing a link to an official web page somewhere here, as an authoritative reference, so other editors can check your claims. Starcross , (UTC)No, i don't believe they are reliable enough.

Better yet, how about if his middle is mentioned and affirmed at his official web site? Here's the link to the IMDb reference, which gives his birth name as "Robert Thomas Pattinson." I don't think he has an official website though.

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