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You're nervous, awkward, and offputting, and she wants to get away from you as soon as she can...... She's not telepathic (even though women may sometimes seem that way to us comparatively blunt, clueless males! My summary message is this: changing yourself and the way you act isn't nearly as hard as you might think, because when it comes down to it, it occurs on a case-by-case basis. Shyness is 100% psychological, dude, and by far the worst critic of you is you.Shyness is also pretty psychological, so that 'gorgeous brunette down the street' would more than likely have to be the one meeting you.Remember, people who don't already know you have no idea that you're shy, and plenty of girls are attracted to the quiet, mysterious types.27yo ridiculously outgoing female here and there is no need to change or think so negatively. I had to learn and accept a lot about myself before I was able to find a really great match in a partner. When I'm saying shy I have to say that I'm only shy to girls though.

My best advice to myself would be go out and meet people :). I can talk to girls, but I need to 'know' them first. Something in my brain just 'freezes' at that moment.A shy guy who isn't obviously attractive might be destined for singleness, but it isn't true that women never make first moves or initiate contact.If you expect someone to hold your hand through the entire courtship you're probably doomed to singledom as well. If you have self-confidence and healthy self-esteem, shyness will not prevent girls from liking you.First, your own confidence will rise the further you're able to take a conversation with a woman, which pays major dividends in and of itself.Second, let's suppose that you do in fact completely blow the interaction. The gorgeous brunette down the street at another bar (or wherever the hell you are) doesn't have the slightest clue how awkward you are/just were. There are literally tens of millions of other fantastic ladies out there who have never met you!

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Since that time his self esteem has skyrocketed due in no small part to having someone who wants him, loves him, and believes in him.

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