Pros and cons of dating someone with a child

But I feel that I may also miss out on opportunities to connect with otherwise really neat people.

Is there a specific trait or attitude I should look for with someone whom has kids or should I stay steadfast in not pursuing anyone with kids based on personal preference? If you're not ready to take on some new responsibilities, then steer clear of women with kids...

You’re proving to yourself you don’t see what’s on the outside If you can really fall in love for and care about somebody that is, on the outside, the total opposite of you, then you can pretty much guarantee you’re not a superficial person and that you know what really counts in a relationship.

You might be trying to prove something to the world Too often people date “outside the lines” just to prove to their friends and family that they have an open mind, or even to spite their friends and family.

I currently prefer not to date anyone with that responsibility since it makes it increasingly more difficult to arrange dates due to scheduling conflicts.

Is the extrovert just a people lover, or an The proper one and the wild child can better each other The uptight, super organized, play-by-the-book one can inspire the wild child to get his/her life together.

He/she can make being organized and ambitious look attractive to the lawless wild child.

You supplement one another’s strengths If you’re the social one and he is shy, you can carry the conversation on double dates for the two of you.

If he is the one with business savvy, he can take the lead on financial decisions for the two of you.

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