Pros and cons of dating a rich man

Loneliness: Sometimes dating an influential man can make you feel lonely if he is a man who travels a lot.

If you are just a trophy girlfriend or wife, who is only expected to look good and show up at ‘VIP’ events, you may feel used and not so important.

Being in a relationship often means that there are certain things you have to adjust to, compromise and change to make it work.

Women are attracted to different men for different reasons. speaks to experts to find out about the dynamics of being in a relationship with an influential man.

I, however, find that the cons of dating an influential man can be very detrimental.” THE GOOD AND THE BAD The pros The biggest advantage of dating an influential man would be having a luxurious life without working hard or spending any of your money on it, and everyone will envy you.If you also love power, you are then associated with other powerful men and women.Since your man is connected, you get to connect with other high-profile individuals and if you are a career-woman this can work to your advantage. This can also make you feel important in the society or around your social networks.“Women can still date influential men without still own who she is and be loved for who and what she is,” she says.“That’s what makes the relationship steady and firm because there is no pretence on either side.” She adds though that this is not an excuse not to look good or to be shabby, this is to say that women must do what makes them comfortable regardless of who they are dating.

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Here’s what they had to say: The new W24 video series, A Seat At the Table, is a ten-part series that invites three different women from three different generations to share their opinions about various topics.

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