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While you aren't allowed to get up super close and touch the stones, you still get a great view of the ring, and the walkway is at the right distance to get very good panoramic pictures of the entire ring.

Stonehenge was really cool and it definitely helped that is was such a beautiful day.

One of the most iconic neolithic monuments in the world.

The precision of the placement of the standing stones is really amazing.

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This bicycle trail totals roughly 2,000 km (1,200 miles) in length.

confounding modern researchers is the fact that the civilization that built the structure left no written records, leaving archaeologists to only theorize how the ancients transported such large stones from their original homes in the Prescelly Mountains, 240 miles away.

Why Stonehenge was built remains a mystery as well, and the monument has found itself intertwined with everything from Arthurian legend, paganism and aliens.

I spent an hour being able to walk around and inside the horseshoe, I even laid in the center!

A wonderful place to visit but very expensive day out for a family!

Instead visit nearby Avebury where you can walk freely among the stones Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe, since the Neolithic age (2500 BC? Somehow it failed to impress me like the other wonders of the world, so I have to rate it a 4 star only.

The route runs partly along existing roads, and along paths.

It gives an opportunity to admire captivating landscapes and enjoy sights of the regions it passes through .

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I preferred the private tour where you can enter those secret spots but was unavailable this time of year.

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