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The value in this post is I want to give you clear, crisp and concise where and how to find a relationship.

This is not theory but something concrete and specific.

You might be able to date a girl from the States with a direct approach, but Polish women have been flooded with appeals from foreign guys who try to win their hearts affection.

I walk through the main market square here I live in Krakow, called the ‘Rynek’ and everyday I see Brits hitting on Polish waitresses at the cafes.

Within a few minutes I started getting "kisses" and smiley faces. My my excitement soon died down after I realized that all 3 were scammers. None of the women I contacted ever wrote me back, even though they showed "online" status, except for the numerous scammers that inundated me with roses and kisses. Before joining I noticed a lot of online women of all ages, from 18-55 .

It would also help if you learn a little bit of the language (here is a free site I recommend for the language If you still prefer the Internet, use websites like and and to arrange a Polish tutor to teach you the language in your area.Or hire a student who is cleaning for money and maybe you will hit it off. If you do not have the confidence and courage to meet Polish girls in person then that is another issue.Now, in comüarison on free websites like Interpals, 3 out of 10 will write back even if only to say thanks but not interested. The end review is this; There is no way that this website has more than a couple of dozen real girls on it.Too many girls look at my profile (which is written very well) and read my kind messages and do not even say not interested. a few kisses and you sign up to have a chat, and you get no reply to your enquiries .

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