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Do you manage your own DNS Servers or does your ISP manage your DNS? Example: If you are not specifying a mailrouter or forwarding mailhub (in versions 61 and 71) you must provide DNS servers if sending mail to domains not included in your local host table on the i Series.What is the SMTP Domain Name that the operating system will service mail for?The IBM Power Systems will receive mail for SMTP Domains that are associated with a Power Systems TCP/IP Interface; for example, you want to have the Power Systems accept mail for the SMTP Domain Be sure you have this setting by issuing the command CHGSMTPA DIRTYPE(*SDD) The Power Systems is configured in CFGTCP Option 10 to accept mail for Define the SMTP Domain that the SMTP Mail Server will accept mail for. Define the fully-qualified Domain Name of the Mail Server. What happens with mail destined for all other domains that are not 6: Using a Mail Relay Firewall (Scenario 2: Mail Relay Firewall) Configuring the Mail Router parameter and the Firewall parameter to *Yes tells the SMTP server to send all mail that is not for domain to the mail relay named mailrelay.If you are on release 6.1 or above the mailhub or mailrelay address will be resolved first with MX records within a DNS.After the AIX firewall receives the e-mail, the SMTP connection is closed.

DNS (Port 53) UDP/TCP traffic is allowed to flow inbound and outbound to the DNS Server for the ISP.

The SMTP and DNS conversations are made directly with the mail relay on the firewall.

The firewall or mail server makes a separate connection to an SMTP Server on the Internet.

Refer to the IBM Redbooks publication, AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities (SG24-4703-00), for information on IBM i SMTP Server e-mail.

Forwarding Internet Mail Refer to pages 188 and 189 of the AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities Redbooks publication.

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This document explains how to configure MSF/SMTP on the IBM i for sending e-mails.

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