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On Day 36 Shallow was finally voted out in a 4–2 vote when the Aitu Four saw her craftiness as more of a threat than Gentry's physical strength.

As a juror, she cast her vote for eventual runner-up Ozzy Lusth.

She flirted with Gonzalez to ensure his loyalty, had 'cuddle sessions' with Gentry, and sat naked in a hot tub with Kwon and Lusth during a challenge reward.Shallow was particularly allied with Gentry and Woodcock, who truly were romantically involved.When the four tribes were merged into two, Shallow and Gentry remained in Raro while their other tribe mates were sent to Aitu. Calderon, whom she thought as arrogant, and he became the fourth person voted out despite his physical strength.Despite being stronger in number, the new Raro continually lost in challenges. Shallow survived her tribe's next three Tribal Councils as Calderon, Stephannie Favor, and Cristina Coria were each voted off.When the contestants were down to 12, a "Mutiny" twist was presented where anybody could change tribe affiliations, and for the first time it was accepted.

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Parvati Shallow (born September 21, 1982) is an American television personality and was the $1 million winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. She had previously competed in Survivor: Cook Islands in which she placed sixth, From 2013 to 2014, she was the host of Survivor Live on, a weekly web-exclusive series where she interviews the voted off castaways from Survivor and chats with other special guests such as former players.

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